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Be A Lifeline For Someone At Risk For Suicide

Does your veterinary practice promote resources, hope and recovery for employees who are at risk for suicide? Our poll indicates that we could — and should — be doing more

They Just Want To Be  Paid

I’m unsure what workshop has instilled the notion of “perks” to keep employees happy but I have to respectfully disagree with it. I will admit, knowing there is going to be a free lunch after a rough day is nice but I can’t help think of better uses for that money. It seems as though there is always enough money for free treats or lunches but when it comes time to discuss raises or 401k matching the money magically disappears.

Supporting Emotional and Mental health in the veterinary profession

BE OPEN Recognizing the signs of mental and emotional health problems in yourself and co-workers, as well learning how to alleviate them, could greatly aid in increased wellbeing and productivity.

What gets you down?

Suffering from burnout, compassion fatigue or work-life issues? Make time for yourself, and distance yourself from what causes you the most stress.

Where have all the nurses gone?

I’ve been a veterinary technician, or nurse, for 20 years. I’ve always felt it was a calling. I also left this profession that I adored.
Like so many others, I love nursing but couldn’t see myself staying in the profession long term. It’s simply not a sustainable career as it stands today.

PTSD Plummets for veterans who try horseback riding

A new study found that PTSD scores dropped 87 percent after just six weeks of therapeutic horsemanship sessions.

Anesthesia Cheat Sheet

Anesthesia cheat sheet from

Oh, So You Work At a Kill Shelter?

It’s 4:30 in the morning, and I know if I don’t write this now, I won’t be able to shut my eyes. I know that I need to write this while my heart still has a dull ache and the lump still resides in my throat...

Pet Loss Support Information

We understand what you're going through...

Pet Loss Hotlines

You're not alone
Sometimes there's no substitute for an understanding human voice. Speaking to someone who understands your loss can make a difference. Fortunately, they're out there, staffing pet-loss support lines at some of the nation's most prestigious veterinary schools and colleges and elsewhere.

This is What "Self-Care" REALLY Means...

This Is What ‘Self-Care’ REALLY Means, Because It’s Not All Salt Baths And Chocolate Cake...

Hotline For Caregivers

Depression. Exhaustion. Burnout. Stress. Those are just some of the words people are using to describe their experiences as caregivers....

Vets Feeling The Strain Due to Hostile Pet Owners

A spike in people wanting their pets euthanised, off-lead dogs attacking other animals and daily verbal abuse from clients are all putting veterinarian staff under enormous stress during the lockdown....

NAVTA Nurse Initiative

“Anytime I say that I am a veterinary technician or I am going to school to be a veterinary technician to someone, they’re like: ‘Oh, what is that?’” she said. “And I have to be, ‘Oh, it’s like a veterinary nurse.’ I always have to say nurse for them to even know what it is.”

Essential Minds: How Technicians Are Struggling with Mental Health During the Pandemic

Veterinary technicians are navigating pandemic-induced stressors everywhere. Social isolation, financial worries, family job loss, no childcare, and new responsibilities such as homeschooling are just a few of the new at-home burdens.

Social Media Is Killing Veterinary Professionals

This is a collab article I wrote for Vet Shows US. We are very honored to have had this experience and look forward to more in the future! This explains my own personal view on social media and the impact it has had on the veterinary industry. 

Self Care & Suicide Awareness

Powerpoint presentation where we discuss what is causing mental health concerns in the field, and how to prevent them. With a focus on suicide awareness and prevention.

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